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The DJ Ixpema from Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain, is developing, since december of 1999, a project that it involves an extensive part, of the already extensive brothers Gibb's discography, (including a future new Bee Gees album), in the recording of a CD with the mixed, of some seconds, of hundred of songs. To arrive to the most ambitious and extensive BEE GEES MEGAMIX.
The CD has not still ended, but here, for all the fans of the Bee Gees, and thanks to Ixpema, it's available a sample of a few minutes and with low quality, (so, you can get a small size sound file, to download easy and quick ), that it represents, very well, the excellent work of this spanish DJ.

"Bee Gees Megamix - demo" file: demo1.mp3, size: 386Kb, 16Kbit, 8Khz, Mono, Time: 3:17

It is important to say that the sound quality of the CD will be very superior to the one that the sample have and the total time will be approximately 90 minutes. The project is not for commercial purpose, Ixpema makes it just for hobby in his free time and it has not also been specified still, when the MEGAMIX will be finished.

If you have some question about this work, please write to DJ Ixpema at the address below.

To contact the DJ Ixpema write to



For other rarities and questions, please write to:

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